Rebuilding Typhoon #2320:
When I blew my transmission, I decided I might as well clean/fix/replace other stuff with the truck. Since the truck was still a pretty new possession to me at this point (about 3 months of ownership), I really had the mod-it bug. I started taking parts off of the Typhoon, and before i knew it had half of the engine apart. At this point I figured I might as well tear apart the block and start from there. Well, it SEEMED like the logical thing to do. I never realized just how far I'd go. At this point my truck had 100,483 miles on it, along with every morsel of dirt it had ever come in contact with. I don't think that any of the previous owners ever cleaned the engine bay, and it showed.

So I started tearing everything apart and cleaning it piece by peice. Taking aluminum pieces to the machine shop to have jet washed and glass beaded. What a great time saver, and cheap when compared to the effort you'd have to go through by hand to clean things. The first item I had done was my upper intake:

I'd never had anything put through this process before that I was amazed by how clean aluminum can get. It saved me a lot of time/effort, since it would have been nearly impossible to get anything this clean by hand. This came out so new/clean looking, that i took my lower intake to be cleaned also:

More cleaning information coming soon!


More machining information coming soon!

More to come...