B&M Racing SuperCooler Transmission Cooler

B&M Tranny Cooler 70266:
I chose B&M's largest transmission cooler, the B&M Racing SuperCooler Transmission Cooler 70266.  On the box it states "for racing only", so it seemed perfect.  This cooler is quite large at 11 in. x 8 in. x 1 1/2 in., but it fits perfectly on the front support of the truck.  This is not only the largest cooler that B&M makes, but its also the only one that doesn't come with any hoses of fittings to install.  For around $59.99 its a great deal for how well it works with this application.


Lines and Fittings:
Since this cooler doesn't come with lines and fittings to install, you must come up with a method for installation. Many people have used standard oil lines, but i thought that was just too thin and didn't look too impressive when connected to this large cooler.

A not-so-quick trip to NAPA yielded some newly fabricated hydraulically pressed transmission cooler lines. I opted for a 90 degree bend fitting to exit the back of the radiator. This was to help get out of the way of the air intake hose connected to the turbo, the infamous orange elbow. After that I chose all standard straight fittings. The hoses turned out great, and I'll never have to worry about them leaking due to how they were made.