CVR Starter

Starters and purple wires:
Ah yes, the lovely syty starter and the wonderful purple wire. My typhoon, while it was able to start, never once clicked or had any other typical stock starter symptoms. When i removed the engine during my rebuild however, the starter told its own story. As you can tell in the picture of the stock starter, the imfamous purple wire wasn't purple on my starter. In fact, it wasn't any color at all, because the purple housing had burned off of the wire.

To replace the large stock starter, I chose the CVR starter. It is supposedly a mini starter, but its not all that mini, nor all that light. But one very cool feature of it is that it is reclockable. Meaning, you can adjust the angle that it sits in relation to the motor, making it an essential item for motors with large tubular headers which would not install properly, becuase they would contact the stock starter. Unfortunately, I do not have headers [yet], so I'm not really using this feature. Its more of an 'in case' kind of thing, and didn't want to have to buy an expensive starter twice.