I purchased my Typhoon in November of 2001 with 96,000 miles on it. It showed up on eBay only an hour from where I live, so I had to go look at it. While test driving it and talking to the now previous owner, I realized that I had driven this exact Typhoon with a friend 5 years earlier when it had 51,000 miles on it! I decided to not pass up this Typhoon for a second time, and bought it 2 evenings later. The truck was in fairly good condition for the amount of miles it had on it. Not much evidence of abuse, and very clean interior.

There were a few minor scratches on the passenger side front fender, and lots of Pennsylvania-typical rock and salt paint chips on the hood. Beginnings of rust where the cladding meets the body was apparent, and other minor/typical issues around the body were found as I washed and waxed it that night. Nothing major though, so I was extremely happy since nothing expensive needed to be replaced.

In early January of 2002, I blew the transmission after only about 4,000 miles worth of driving. I only had 1st and 3rd gears (no 2nd or overdrive), and drove it about 400 miles this way. I decided to buy a built transmission, and thats when my project really started. While waiting for my transmission to arrive, i started pulling the engine apart and cleaning the engine bay as much as possible. This soon turned into me pulling the engine entirely, and deciding to rebuild from scratch. Check out the rebuild section for details and many pictures.

More to come.